Monday, March 23, 2009


It is all about girl power, baby, and I love it. Strong women do not appeal to everyone, but they do to me. The subjugated woman is just one component of religious dogma that I rejected a long time ago. Unlike Rush Limbaugh who makes fun of the “feminazis” (as he is so famous for labeling those women who believe in equality), I support those trailblazers who have fought for women to vote, have jobs outside the home if they choose, own land, preach the gospel, and become influential politicians – do anything that boys can do.

This is a huge reason I am such a Wonder Woman fan and her Silver Age mythos is nailed to the church doors, so to speak, in the recent Amazonian animated feature. She got the good treatment on this one, folks. Just like my title mentions, it is she who rescues the big, strong military fighter pilot numerous times. It is she who stops the muggers in the alley.

She questions why women in our culture bow to men and play the damsel in distress, when they are perfectly capable of solving their own problems. Why not, indeed? It can be hard to balance the warrior and the woman, but DC and Warner Bros. did a fabulous job.

There is a reason Wonder Woman is rated PG-13: beheadings, a ritualistic sacrifice (both done with class and without showing all the gore) and a few sexual innuendos. It really is not meant for young children, but as soon as your daughters are old enough, they should see the true measure of a great W.O.M.A.N!


Diana said...

There are so many great things about this new animated Wonder Woman. You have to love a guy who is comfortable with strong women icons. Check out my new blog, Diana's Wisdom.

Jackie Melton said...

If I had known you were in distress I'd have gotten here sooner. ;)

(This answer was based on the title, FJ, I'm too tired to read the entry, not sure why I came to your house in the first place...maybe it was that big "WW" signal I saw in the sky on the way home from the Council meeting earlier tonight) Heh heh.

This wonder woman is now goin' tuh bed.

Anonymous said...

The flick was fantastic - wonderful!