Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This week's weight loss was small compared to last week's 6.8 pound melting, but I celebrate any loss at all. I was really hungry that first week, but not so much so this week. I ate more than I was supposed to though, which shows in my weight loss.

I ate a big lunch and knew it once I stopped. My belly was full and I'm supposed to leave the table still feeling hungry. It takes 20 minutes or so for that full feeling to kick in. When I'm on a diet, it never really kicks in.

Tonight is a fruit, veggie, string cheese and bread meal. No meat for me and no ranch dipping either. I hope to counteract my big lunch. I didn't get to walk today so I'll have to walk extra tomorrow. The fat doc says 50-60 minutes of walking (any speed) a week. Period. I'm trying to hit or exceed that amount.


Busplunge said...

He walks,
He talks,
He crawls on his belly like a reptile,
But does he eat?
No, that's what makes him so much fun to go to a restaurant with!

All kidding aside, you just quit carrying around the equivalent of a ten pound bag of sugar!

Me, I'm still plodding, did good yesterday, ok today, still hungry but not going to eat. No nectar in a styrofoam cup since last Saturday either!

dirtsister said...

Keep it up. You can walk it off. Check out Tammey's story.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I agree that you can walk it off, I did. Let me know if I can help in any way.