Friday, June 05, 2009


Otherwise I would be over my daily caloric limit. Subtracting off the calories burned during the 30 minute walk (albeit a slow walk), I am coming in 18 calories under 2,300. Rock on. I even went without the Schwans ice cream pizza at my daughter's birthday party with the family. That's a big feat with me. I don't often turn down food.

I must admit … keeping track of my food and exercise does help me make better decisions. Just knowing that I have to put that food on my iPod makes me think twice (or thrice or more) about downing that sucker. That's the point, right?

Today I felt full, which makes me wonder if I added in all the food. I keep thinking "I can't be full. I must have screwed up somewhere. I shouldn't feel full on 2,300 calories. I even counted the three hushpuppies I scarfed while no one was looking.

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