Monday, June 15, 2009


I have so many thoughts that I want to blog down and I just can't seem to muster the umpf to do it. I've been thinking about politics and religion and the environment and even sexism, but I just don't have the grapes. This will have to suffice.

  • Politics: Extending the kind hand of Christ is not evil.
  • Religion: Our local newspaper's Op/Ed page is too full of it.
  • Discrimination: It is wrong ethically and religiously.
  • Environment: It's not evil to care about our world. The spotted owl is significant. If you study even basic science then you will know why.


Jackie Melton said...

I think about those same topics alot, Jack.

Question: Is it evil to bait a hook using red herrings?

Re: discrimination: The word verification for my entry is "noscot." Do you allow no Scottish people to leave comments here? Did you choose that bigoted word verification or was it "blogger" generated?

It didn't strike me as a very "PC" word verification. Perhaps we should call it to the attention of Scots. They may want to protest. ;)

Jackie Melton said...

Geesh! The next word verification is "mancade." Does blogger have something against women??? Why "mancade" and not "womancade?"

I like arcades too. :(

Jackie Melton said...

I'm cool with "morgre." You?

Jack said...

If Blogger allowed me to chose my own word verification, I would be tempted to choose:


Scots are fine because they make a dang good whisky. Cadenhead is top notch.

"Morgre" would make a great D&D creature.

Jackie, isn't Paradise Bookstore technically an "arcade"? I hope you weren't talking about an "adult arcade". Otherwise, it will give me fodder for the next month. I can see the headline now:

Christian Blogger Frequents Adult Arcade, Claims It Gives Her Inspiration!

Jackie Melton said...

Lol. A person's gotta find inspiration where a person's gotta find inspiration.

I was thinking of the old fashioned game arcades, you know, when I was a young person, before x-boxes and wiis. You might not be able to remember those things, you young whippersnapper!

Whew, I'm glad this one says "untaring" instead of "uncaring." I might have started getting a complex.

Busplunge said...

I'm the same place as you two are. I got a lot of topics I want to expound upon but I also don't want to spend my whole day in front of a keyboard.

I find my blogging tapers off in the summer when I can work around the house and cabins.

We just got done tiling the back porch!

Jeremy D. Young said...

I don't suppose I should try to get too serious about your list, but here's my thoughts on the matter.

Politics: Forcing an athiest to extend the kind hand of Christ through government programs is morally wrong. All people have the right to keep the property that they have earned, even if they are selfish. Furthermore, it should not be the government's business for a human to pass on that property, whether large or small, to whatever people or organizations they will.

Religion: This is a loaded word, some aspects of the meaning of the word such as traditions, organizations, and structures around belief systems can refer to bad things. Theology, Philosophy, and the seeking of Truth are other aspects of the word Religion, and I think calling them tabu and offensive topics makes for a weaker, mentally feebler nation.

Discrimination: I agree, making decisions and using irrelevant group membership or unchangeable attributes of individuals to bias the result is wrong. Using the force of government to come along and require equivalent results, and therefore discriminating in the same, yet theoretically opposite way is wrong. Individuals have freedom and liberty, groups do not have rights.

Environment: I say that we should all be good stewards of the world, or portion of it that we are currently managing. Environmental issues can most likely be won in the arena of public opinion. To strengthen this ability, people should be made able to think for themselves and capable of processing facts and information effectively. I don't think the Government Schools are accomplishing this.

Jackie Melton said...


That must be "sorta" for dorks.