Thursday, June 11, 2009


Skinny Kitty and I watched a movie last night, THE WRESTLER, and it was as tragically interesting as a stranded cow in a tree. No, it's not about wrestling, but about a man – a broken man, really – who traded the glory of the ring for everything else in his life.


He limpingly tries to make up for lost time with his adult daughter, but his hopeless life screws that up once again and she puts an end to it all ... forever. There will be no more mulligans.

And so he heads to the ring once again. The ending has bothered some people, but I think the brilliance of it is lost in the fade to black. I don't really think it matters if he finished the Ram Jam or died in the process because his life is over either way. As his heart barely ticks, he climbs on top of the ropes in a last chance glory move. He is dead be it figuratively or literally after that.

The daughter and I went to see UP in 3-D at the Hollywood downtown. I love the Hollywood because it is never busy when I go so I don't stand in lines and don't feel rushed.

UP is takes its time and is not focused on action as much as fantastic storytelling. The 9-year-old gave it 5 stars, so there was plenty to keep her interested. Loved it. I don't care for 3-D because I have 3-D glasses over my glasses and that's uncomfortable. For me, it's just not important to the experience, but the kid digs it.

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