Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Deputy Dumps Man with Disability Out of Wheelchair

That headline is not hyperbole. The Deputy Sheriff wheeled the man onto the station and told him to stand. He informed her that he was a paraplegic and could not stand. She upended the wheelchair and dumped him into the floor, then she frisked him.

You can see the story on the Today Show. Check out the video. I know law enforcement is a tough job, but come on. The deputy has been placed on leave without pay pending investigation.

Obviously, she did not believe him. Believing persons with disabilities are faking is a major stereotype and quite problematic. I've seen it before when I ran an agency for persons with disabilities. You really need to check out the video.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine the stink if it had been white deputies dumping a black on the floor. Come on folks this is wrong anyway you look at it. No Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson here but they would be the first to scream had it been a black.

Anonymous said...

Deputy charged with felony.