Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Election Night News

A Republican friend of mine, a non-blogger who reads my blog, were talking about the political news coverage. On Super Tuesday, CNN cut into McCain's speech to broadcast Obama's speech. We both noticed it and talked about it. We got a laugh out of it and we both wondered about if it was a biased slight or just life in the world of broadcast journalism.

I don't usually buy into the biased liberal media garbage. I've worked in the media and I think the msm is only concerned about the bottom line.

Well Skinny Kitty and I were watching the election results tonight and guess what happened? Obama was giving his speech. CNN cut him off early to broadcast McCain's speech. So there we have it. I just thought it was interesting. Makes me feel good that they slight both sides. I have to admit that I wondered about it.

So far Obama is ahead in delegates and super delegates, but not by much. That makes Fat Jack a happy man. Whoever wins, it should be fair and square. None of this super delegate crap, where the nominee is decided in smokey back rooms. Down with the electoral college and super delegates. Maybe we should not have delegates either. I don't know about that one, but I know I do not like the will of the people being usurped by big political bosses.


Unknown said...

It appears that Super-Delegates (heroes or villains yet to be determined) are going to decide for the Democrat Nomination. It will be very interesting if they go against the leader in regular delegates. I think there will be a riot especially if the Super Delegates give it to Senator Clinton if Senator Obama is leading in delegates. It is a very interesting political year.

The whole discussion of Michigan and Florida delegates is also fascinating. That could be a huge fight about seating these delegates.

The Republicans need the Democrats to implode to have a chance in November and this could cause it if they are not careful.

admin said...


The Dems are very good at being self-destructive. So far, Obama is now the leader in delegates and super-D's, but that could change. It would be unwise for them to go against the popular vote. For once, young people, young Dems, are getting involved and care about politics. A coup would only disenfranchise the young voters and destroy the movement. Bad stuff. We will see what they do.