Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And He Calls Himself a Reverend

Never cared much for Jesse Jackson. (I refuse to call Jackson a reverend, mostly because I do not believe his actions represent what a Christian minister ought to stand for.) I've always thought of Jackson as something of a promoter of racism.

He's finally stepped in it. Word on the street is the Bill O'Reilly is going to run the segment in full. I hear that Jackson said something about cutting off a piece of Barack Obama's down there anatomy.

I wonder if Al Sharpton will come out against Jackson like he did Don Imus? I care about what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton say about as much as I care about the thoughts of Rush or Ann Coulter.

Notice that Jackson keeps blaming the hot mic for his misstep. Like he would let that fly with anyone else.


The CDM said...

I agree in full. I'd also like to add that I don't acknowledge Mr. Sharpton as a reverend either.

admin said...

Dear Anonymous,

I deleted your comment because it was so inflammatory and my good common sense tells me it was bogus.

If you want to repost it, then you may do so. But this time you will have to put your real name and email on it. You cannot say those kinds of things on my blog without owning up to it.

So says the Jack

Sky Girl said...

The microphone excuse is ridiculous. He said it, he meant it, and it matters not whether the mike was on or off. He's an ignorant fool.

Anonymous said...

While attempting to cover the national stories last night, KY3 news led with Christy Brinkley's divorce and then on to the Jackson story, where they only talked about Jackson's apology, never mentioning what he said.