Friday, October 03, 2008


It felt great to meet up with the bloggers again. Some new blogs and new bloggers showed up last night. If you haven’t had the chance check them out and link them in your side bar, then here you go.

Carbon Trace
The Albers Report
The Independent Titan

Last night was more about jawing and drinking (alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages) than anything else. A good time. In the end, everyone bugged out at 7:30 p.m. to watch the debate from their own comfy La-Z-Boy. My good friend and blogger, Larry @ Simple Thoughts, didn’t get off work in time to come to the meeting, so he came to the House of Jack to watch the debate. I think we agreed that Palin held her own quite well. She didn’t answer very many questions, choosing instead to repeat what she’s memorized, but she didn’t come off foolish as she has in the interviews. Of course, in the interviews, she can be pressed (and pressed again) on issues if she doesn’t answer them. None of us sitting in my living room thought that debate changed any minds, but you never know.

More. We need more of these blogger’s meet-ups and I agreed to play host. We are considering regularly scheduled monthly gatherings, but nothing was decided for sure. Patton Alley is a good place as they have a big room in back that was quiet enough for us and also a tad private. On the downside, they got rid of Dos Equis, which is upsetting, but I tried Modela Especial and it was pretty close. I ordered, and promptly chomped in two, a philly cheese. Yep.


The Albers Report said...

I now have you linked on my blog. I enjoyed the conversation yesterday and we will definitely have to have those more often. I enjoyed it.

Jack said...

You are in mine as well. And we will do it again. I will send you an email and post info on my blog.