Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The bi-partisan but flawed law, Every Child Left Behind, is a miserable waste of educational resources. For once, the intent of a law was quite good, but the implementation failed on all fronts. One's first clue was that Every Child Left Behind required all children to reach proficiency. All of them. No matter what. By 2014 all children will have to reach proficiency in reading and math. Forget the fact that all kids learn at the same pace.

I suppose the people who wrote this never took a psychology class.

The New York Times has an article on how good school are failing under ECLB. One of the points is that Congress failed to revamp the act this year. That includes both Obama and McCain, by the way.

The Turner Report initially blogged about this story.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

Not to mention that when your school's well being relies upon the least of these to reach proficiency, the fastest learners get completely neglected. Everyone requires individual attention, and should be helped to reach their own potential, however great or small that potential is.