Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's no surprise that Tim Trower's accusations against Circuit Clerk candidate and blogger, Jim Lee, was dismissed. The documentation was pretty conclusive from the beginning. It does not bode well for Lee's opponent. Unfortunately, the damage was done and it is quite likely that it may cause Lee some problems, especially during a presidential election when local politics takes a back seat.

You never know. Dirty politics may not play well with voters and they may abandon Steve Helms because of it. One can only hope, as Lee is the better choice. Who really wants a guy who runs his own insurance business while he works full time as the Circuit Clerk? No wonder the office is in shambles. It doesn't take two years to hammer out a new computer program unless you are overly occupied with other things besides your job.


Jason said...

Helms doesn't have the agency anymore. He surrendered the agency and sold the building to another guy.

Jack said...

But how long did he go before doing the right thing with the public?

Jeremy D. Young said...

As Jason said, Steve Helms is devoting his full attention to his job as the Circuit Clerk. He was transferring his insurance agency as soon as he was appointed. I was in his office as the new people were moving in, shortly after the appointment.

Steve Helms is an honest and hard working man. I think his only real short coming in this situation is applying his own stereotypes about Democrats to Jim Lee. I don't think he meant any harm, and was just suspicious of someone trying to be sneaky.

Jack, maybe you're applying your stereotypes of Republicans too anxiously.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I've sold a car and recently I sold turbo parts. I don't ever recall surrendering them. Tim Trower has a lot to explain as he is tight with Helms, it just looks bad. Tim has made himself very vulnerable in this stunt.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy-- Helms was running ads for his agency in the Community Free Press as late as August 2008.

A more likely scenario is that Farmer's Insurance told Helms he could be a Farmer's Agent or a circuit clerk, but not both.

Helms said letting go of his agency was "better for me, and better for Farmer's." He cut his ties with the agency on September 1, 2008. (CFP, October 8-21, 2008)