Saturday, October 04, 2008


Typical of stars, OJ Simpson thought he was invincible, untouchable, beyond the law. That is, until today when a jury convicted him of kidnapping, armed robbery and other various acts. Apparently he was surprised, still assuming I suppose that: They love me; they cannot convict me. You would have thought that he would have been in the slammer a decade ago when he hacked his honey and her friend to bits. Those darned leather gloves tend to shrink when soaked with blood.

OJ thinks he is so far above everyone else that he can kidnap someone and hold people at gun point and still get acquitted. Sure, it worked once, but this time he didn't kill the victims and it came back to haunt him. He found out that his star status only gets him so far.

With the host of people who testified against him this go around, it's really no wonder he got convicted. I'm sure his fictional, tell-all book about his wife's murder didn't help. Even the best oranges in the grove get squeezed.

Friends are calling it a "public lynching".

Because it's not fair to convict a man for busting into a room with big thugs, taking property, brandishing guns and keeping people from leaving. If my neighbor takes my rake, I still don't have the right to break into his house, hold him at gun point and retrieve the rake. Isn't that what the police and courts are for?

Are you ready for the juicy quote, about Simpsons retrieval of his memorabilia, made by his attorney during the closing statements?

"But being stupid, and being frustrated is not being a criminal," he said.

It is if you are so stupid that you commit a crime. That made me laugh. Just shows you how ludicrous a place attorney's will go to make a case.

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