Monday, October 13, 2008


Many on the right are trying so hard to convince someone, anyone, that there is no racism in the campaign this season, just an innocuous pointing out of facts. But time after time, Gov. Palin has worked up the crowd with terrorist rhetoric and the people have responded strongly calling for Obama’s death, his beheading, calling him an Arab, and linking him to Osama Bin Laden. 

It’s become a videotaped nightmare for the maverick and his sidekick. To the point that he is now having to backtrack some of this as it keeps ending up on the news. To his credit, he told that lady that Barack Obama was a good and decent man. I praise him for it. It wasn’t easy. The crowd responded with groans and boos. His attempt might have worked had he done it from the beginning, but he let it go until his backers were lathered up in a black sweat of racial hate mongering. It was out of control before he knew it and now it’s a done deal.

This YouTube video shows Palin/McCain supporters standing outside a rally. One man, who is getting his 15 minutes of infamy, carries a monkey with an Obama sticker on it. Some of the quotes from the Palin/McCain crowd are as follows:

  • The only difference between Obama and Osama is the BS
  • Obama bin Laden
  • We need a Muslim President

Have these people no shame? Do they hate blacks and muslims so much that they will openly spew hatred? The argument that Palin/McCain were only pointing out Obama’s connections is essentially shot all to hell, like McCain’s plane over Hanoi. The mavericks took it all too far and the usually underground racism that sticks to our American ribs is oozing out all over in a bloody mess. Some folks just don’t like those uppity n-folk. Plain and simple. We Democrats have our own southern progressives who live in the dark ages, but they have enough sense to keep their mouths shut and they sure as shootin’ don’t bring monkey babies to a Democratic rally. I suspect they would be ostracized and run off the place. 

Truth is, I don’t think Palin/McCain anticipated that much hatred. I really don’t. I think they just wanted to touch people’s fear and cause them to quietly vote terrorism in the ballot box. Let’s face it. Politics is a war these days, no matter what people say or want. It is win at all costs for all campaigns. The Palin/McCain plan went awry when the crowds finally felt homey enough, comfortable enough, to let their racism pour forth. Now the petcock broke and try as they might, the Palin/McCain camp can’t do a dang thing about it. The Kentucky mash has fermented and the people want their hooch. 

I wonder how many of these folks, these black-hating Joe six packs, claim Christianity as their faith? I wonder if they have given any thought to how God would view their beliefs? I wonder how Palin/McCain jive their religion with their racially-tinted, out-of-hand talks? 

It’s an ugly world out there, people. Lots of hatred and anger, resentment and mistrust. A presidential candidate has opened the proverbial can of worms and then wiggly and squiggly have gotten away. It’s really a shame. I betcha if McCain had it to do over again things would be very different. Now it is all a big monkey on their presidential backs.

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"Do they hate blacks and muslims so much that they would openly spew hatred?