Monday, October 20, 2008


bvHow about a live blogging event for the upcoming election? It's only the most historic and significant election in most of our lifetimes. It only makes sense that the local blogger's will be at The Patton Alley – our hangout since I don't know when – to record this most interesting and exciting presidential election. Here's the scoop, the dirt, the jist, the poop:

Patton Alley Pub
7 p.m.
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks to my friend who made the suggestion. He knows who he is.

Of course it is open to all local bloggers, however you define "local".


acline said...

Excellent. We did this in 2006 for the midterms and had a great turn-out. I'll be there!

Larry Litle said...

"It's only the most historic and significant election in most of our lifetimes."

Really? This is the most important election of our time? More important than the election of 2000, or 1992, 1980, or 1976? What makes this election more important other than a disdain for our current President?

By the way, I am planning on being there.

Jack said...

You are kidding me, right? Have you not heard about the:

2 Wars (Iraq and Afghanistan)
The worst US economy since the Great Depression
The growing downturn of the world economy
The US's pitiful standing in the world

Our next president will be charged with leading us through all of these things. That's pretty significant.

Chris said...

Sorry I won't be there. I'll be hosting a Bob Barr party in my apartment. Four people have said yes so far!


Larry Litle said...

Is it more important than the 1980 election? I am not sure. In 1980 we had the Iran Hostage Situation ongoing, the Cold War with USSR where they were continually invading their neighbors and aggressively taking them over, the USSR had well over double the nukes we had and they had them pointing at us, an economy with double digit inflation, double digit interest rates (up to 20%), and farmers massively losing their farms. And they had a very unstable Middle East (which every President in our lifetime has faced). So I am still not convinced that this is the most important election of our lives or since Washington.

There were also a lot of major issues in 1992. How about after Watergate in 1976? My issue was not that this is not an important election but with the comment that it is the most important election of our lifetime.

Jack said...

I have only been eligible to vote since 1991. So this is the most significant and important election in my lifetime. I can't very well vote in an election as a minor. I never said anything about Washington.