Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Two days ago our Obama sign disappeared from the yard. All that was left was the wire frame. What's one to do? I should have had enough sense to move my signs closer to the porch once this became such a problem. Oh well.

Interestingly enough, a Jay Nixon sign miraculously appeared in my yard yesterday. I didn't do it; the wife didn't do it. I naturally thought it a sign of God's anointing of Nixon as governor. I didn't really mind, I guess, since I thought Nixon was a good attorney general.

Then again, Bush was touted as an aisle crosser while he was governor. That didn't work out too well for us, did it? I learned a lesson – a hard lesson – that you cannot always predict how well a politician will govern based entirely on their previous job.

We will find out soon enough, as Nixon is running unopposed in this election.


Jeremy D. Young said...

How's that? Jay Nixon vs Kenny Hulshof vs Gregory Thompson vs Andy Finkenstadt

Jeremy D. Young said...

oops. Forgot to check the email follow-up box.

Jack said...

LOL. I knew that, Jeremy. I was making a funny. There's no real competition in that race.

Complaint Department Manager said...

For what it's worth Jack, I got it first time reading it.

Jeremy D. Young said...

I don't do humor. I'm always serious.