Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This blogger brought to my attention that I have focused exclusively on the two party system and have given no play to third party candidates. In the past, I have voted for third party candidates when I had no one that represented my views in the big two. So it makes me mad that I made this slip-up.

It's a shame when we ignore other candidates. It is something I do not agree with, although you could not tell it by my coverage this year. Rather than just flap my jaws and tell that blogger he was right, I present to you links to other candidates. Perhaps one of them will better represent your views. For all of you who are disgruntled with Obama and McCain, you might check these folks out. I present to you, in no particular order, the other presidential tickets:


Jeremy D. Young said...

Thanks much for the link. I'm a little discouraged that I'm your only commenter on this post so far :)

Most people get all caught up in the back and forth of bi-partisan hate mongering and don't really slow down to consider that they're being led down the path to total dominance.

Jack said...

Emotion can get the best of us, even when we are well intentioned.

I'm sorry more did not comment, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information... With all the non-intelligent (this is nicer than I mean to say) activities going on in Washington, I am giving serious thought to voting for anyone who is NOT an incumbent. Maybe we'll find some "real" people.

tom said...

I believe everyone should send a message by NOT voting for any individual which voted YES for the market street bailout

Strannix said...

It's forgiveable to ignore the electoral sideshow this year. This election is too important to waste one's franchise with a protest vote.

tom said...

"This election is too important to waste one's franchise with a protest vote".

This is said every four years by the republicans and the democrats, those who vote party other then mainstream aren't casting a protest if that is what you were meaning.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Strannix, keep repeating the Democrat/Republican fearmongering, and I hope you feel better.

They say it the same way every year, and it's always a lie. It's MY VOTE that I'm casting. I'm not PROTESTING anything. I'm casting my ballot for the candidate who I want to be President of the United States. Your lies are what are destroying this Republic. We are going down in flames by having no good options from the two major parties but the media claiming that they're the only two choices. There are six candidates for President on the ballot in almost every state, yet the other 4 are NEVER mentioned on the news. It's self fulfilling prophecy. They can't win because the media says they can't win. They can't win because the media complies with the "Bipartisan" debate fixers that won't allow anyone else on stage to show the public how similar these two candidates really are. Every election is too important to be complicit with the destruction of our nation. Very few of the people in Washington take their oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution seriously, and we the people are paying dearly for continuing to elect them.

Oh, and Strannix, try coming out from behind your anonymity, it makes for better public discourse.

Anonymous @ 5:55-- Voting against all incumbents for federal positions is the best thing we can do. I would echo Tom's comment that the bailout votes are unacceptable, and I would go further in accusing them of being treasonous to the citizens of the United States. Oh, and try abandoning anonymity as well, it's good for your content.