Thursday, October 09, 2008


Not only is the Palin/McCain campaign slinging terrorist mud all over Barack Obama, garnering shouts of “terrorist” and “kill him” from the crowds, but the local Republican party has jumped into the fray, slinging what appears to be false ethical allegations in the circuit clerk position.

As if there is anything partisan about that position. I recently interviewed one candidate for the job, Jim Lee. I gave him an opportunity to talk nasty about his opponent’s attempt to get votes by posting the Decalogue in his office.

Lee would have none of it. He kept focused on the job at hand and the problems in the office. We are not seeing that same kindness from the other side. You can read all about it on this blogger’s site, complete with documents.

The allegation: Lee failed to file the proper paperwork with the State Ethics Commission.

Life of Jason published a letter from the State Ethics Commission stating: “Your committee is not required to file with our office and all future filings should be sent to the Greene County Clerk’s Office.”

Enough said about that.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Gee, I wonder who POSSIBLY could have tipped that douchebag Trower? Good grief indeed.

Anonymous said...

Did you see on local TV tonight the story about earmarks? I think this was enough said.

Jack said...

Missed it Anon. You should enlighten us. What was it?

Anonymous said...

tim trower has quite a rapsheet at

he's not good at paying his bills

check out greene county circuit 31 search for tim trower

he especailly does'nt like to pay cox hospital

this is all public informatioin any one can get