Thursday, June 04, 2009


It is so easy and tempting to throw all fundamental Christians together in a big pot and stir them with the wooden spoon of condemnation all the while chanting: All pro-life Christians are violent; all pro-life Christians are haters.

The acts of the man who shot the controversial abortion doctor while at church serves as a great springboard to condemn all fundies. This liberal Christian is tempted as well, but it wouldn't be right.

Interestingly, many Christians do the same thing to Muslims. Idiotic voices constantly throw a barrage of editorials at our local newspaper disparaging all Muslims. because of the acts of some extremists. So does Rush Limbaugh and his parade of haters. It is human nature to categorize and label and fear. If Star Wars has taught us anything, it is that fear leads to hate.

Not all pro-life Christians support abortion clinic bombings or doctor killings. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say most do not. Although one study has found that Church goers are more likely to support torture. Not all Muslims are terrorists or America haters.

It's all a bunch of stereotypical fear-filled bunk.

If you are a Christian who ...

  • supports torture
  • believes in waterboarding
  • takes the "kill them all and let God sort them out" mentality
  • sweeps all Muslims up in one sandy pile
  • supports the eradication of all Muslims
  • supports deportation of all Muslims

then, perhaps, you should take to heart the lesson being presented to you now with this recent abortion doctor shooting. Jesus is peace and love.

For my atheist friends, and I do have several, then I would say to them to not be tempted to condemn all Christians for the idiocy of a few. Otherwise, you will be no better than Rush, Cheney, or the host of ignorant haters routinely published in the News-Leader. Not all followers of Christ support violence.

The Choir will now sing: Do You Call That Religion? Feel free to support my ministry as the baskets are passed around.

Amen and Amen.


Busplunge said...

Clarence Rivers:
God is love.
He who abides in love,
Abides in God
And God in him.

Jackie Melton said...

It is a contradiction to be "pro-life" when it comes to abortion and express that belief by, and with, the murder of an abortion doctor.

Pro-life Christians are certainly not "served" well by the murder of any human being by one professing to be a pro-life Christian.

I wish it were not true that you are tempted, "to throw all fundamental Christians together in a big pot...." Work on that, would ya?

Love, Jackie

Anonymous said...

I never understood how anyone could be against abortion and for the death penalty.

Jack said...


I'm human and cannot help the urge to categorize. I have plenty to work on in my life, dontcha know? I'll work that some more ... promise.

We humans are full of contradictions, just like the Bible.

Jackie Melton said...

I don't agree the Bible is full of contradictions, not if taken as a whole and evolutions considered from when man was "under the law" as opposed to "under grace."

And no, that isn't an invitation to get into debates about specific areas of the Bible which some propose are contradictory. You don't have time for that and I don't either.

Besides, see:

I didn't know you were human. Really!!!??? ;)