Saturday, April 11, 2009


The rights of we Christians is being stamped out by the government, or so says the National Organization of Marriage in their latest fear-based ad campaign. That is rich. Forget the fact that they never say how their rights are being taken away. They just scare people into believing their rights will be taken away in some abstract and unidentifiable way. You can bet it will whip the followers into a fearful frenzy. The best part is that the ad is supposedly wrapped in Christian love.

I'm a Christian and my rights are not being taken away. This very day, churches have the right NOT to marry gay couples. In fact, religious institutions cannot be forced to marry persons of different faiths, nor should they be.

On the other hand, same-sex couples are prevented from receiving the 1,049 protections, benefits and responsibilities (according to the General Accounting Office) extended to married couples. This includes paying higher taxes and prevention from receiving Social Security survivor benefits. Employer portions of a same-sex partner's health benefits are taxed, but the same is not true for married couples. Gay couples are also denied family leave under the Family Medical and Leave Act. (Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for the information.)

A gay couples' marriage does not, in any way, effect my marriage, my relationship with Jesus, or threaten me. Gay persons getting more rights does not somehow take mine away.

Tip of the hat to new blogger, Diana.

Update: Click here to read the specific things this ad is obscurely referring to and find out the truth the ad doesn't mention. They may try to be aloof and nonspecific, but I'm not.


Newsy said...

Thank you. I was having this conversation with my mother the other night. While you can be against gay marriage on the grounds of religious reasons, the fact that gay marriage is allowed takes no rights away from anyone else.

Jack said...

Agreed Newsy.

Being against it is one thing. Taking actions to halt the rights of others is just plain wrong.

Without a doubt, the rights of gays is unequal and suppressed. I believe one can disagree with homosexuality (based on religion) and still be for equal rights of gays.

Ricky Kendall said...

I hope someone will keep track of teen suicide rates during this very distasteful media blitz by the National Organization of Marriage. I can assure you that there will be some closeted teens and adults out there that will surrender their lives when they see it. Many young people will decide that they do not want to live under that cloud of shame so artfully depicted in this ad. I only wish the government could pull the ad. Disguised as angels, these brokers of lies squeeze the spirit until it disengages from the world. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

this is old fashion christian bashing dont be fooled by you want your chirdren to even exept this way of life into people are not happy thats why they constantly atack secure people to get them to quistion their life when it is they that should look into gay people,im good with me and what i know. your still looking for a better way.
my is jimmie kirby an im not ashamed.