Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The Springfield News-Leader and now KY3 are implementing furloughs. One was mandatory and the other was voluntary (for now, anyway). Roger Ray has noticed the impeding decline of the media and wrote about that this week.

Appears Ray may have some contempt for the News-Leader when he calls it "our beloved local rag". I know plenty of righties and lefties and crazy libertarianies and I have not heard one of them talk positively about the News-Leader lately. It's a bad deal, folks.

I love The Daily Show and when I can stay up late enough to catch it, I somehow feel more connected to the world than when I watch the the morning news (local and national) or occasionally read the N-L online. I really should not rely on a comedy show for news. That's sad commentary.

What do the local newsies think? Rhetorica, Chatter anyone else? What do the rest of my fellow whack-a-moles think about Ray's article and the decline of media.


Busplunge said...

The incredible shrinking column inch is in direct proportion to the incredible shrinking advertising and subscription revenue.

Damn you Craigslist!

Jason said...

I agree with you that the Daily Show should not be your news source but why do you feel it's a "bad deal"? If we only had one local news outlet I would agree with you but there are multiple news sources including the CFP for print media.

Busplunge said...

Has anyone else noticed that syndicated columnists formerly readable in the SN-L voices section are no more, replaced by teh likes of Ryan Cooper and Roger Ray?

Well, we still got Dear Abby and Heloise. (not that there is anything wrong with that).