Monday, April 20, 2009


The media has gone on and on about Susan Boyle, the ugly singer from Scotland. I take a bit of umbrage at the fact that everyone is making such an issue out of her voice, as if we are surprised when someone who is not young, beautiful and skinny can actually carry a tune.

I made a comment about this on JackeHammer's blog, but didn't get a chance to comment since. Then my pastor made a comment at church about our world's perception of people and our quickness to judge her voice based on her looks. "Right on, pastor-man," thought I. So I decided to say more on my blog.

My point is not that she does not deserve the accolades. She is amazing. I am just frustrated at the media's insistence that this woman's singing ability is truly rare and worth of such fanfare simply because she is ugly. Uglies and fatties can be just as successful, brilliant and talented as the young, skinny and beautiful. I think our society has a tendency to look down upon and judge the homely and pudgy.

I am happy for Susan Boyle and I hope she wins, but I don't see her as an exceptional singer because of her looks. I view her as a good singer because of her voice. I've heard rumors that she is refusing to update or change her image for the show. I hope it is true because it makes me like her all the more. I hope she kicks butt, takes names, and does it all on her own terms and in her original skin. I hope she stands up for the uglies and fatties and all the others that are judged on their looks rather than their capabilities.


Anonymous said...

The only thing ugly about Susan Boyle is all this focus on her looks, not on her achievement. People will never change.. they are rallying up around her for the "kill" and for what? All she did was to try out for a freaking audition. CHILL OUT PEEPS! Let the woman get a career if she has talent.

Jackie Melton said...

Does the media go on and on about people who are beautiful on the outside but display extreme ugliness from the inside?

I think maybe. Sometimes. But, not in the same way or to the same extent. It's as if that inner ugliness is somehow more acceptable because of the outer beauty. Here we have the reverse and it seems as though the inner beauty without the outer beauty is much more surprising and difficult for the media to accept.

Generations of people have now been brought up believing their bodies must be perfect in order for them to be successful, some of them are beginning to buy the lie.

Anorexics, bulemics, plastic surgery, face lifts, botox,and must be beautiful to succeed. The media has promoted that on every magazine cover and gossip television show for year upon year (and especially so in "show biz").

Those are the the same people who are displaying great shock and surprise over Boyle's beautiful voice. They have affected and infected the general public with the same tripe. Of course they are amazed that someone can succeed if they have not first followed the advice of the "professionals" by adapting their bodies to perfection, using every available means, medical, surgical and makeup "artistry." Can they have been wrong all along!? Could it be that talent and inner beauty can prevail!?

To go on and on about Susan Boyle's ugly success confirms the old adages I grew up with, "beauty is only skin deep," and "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Another sad fact...would we have ever heard of Susan Boyle if she had not auditioned for "Britain's Got Talent?" Would she have ever gotten the chance to share her talent with the world? Unfortunately, I think the answer to that is no. "Britain's Got Talent's" every intent was to make fun of Boyle, not to be amazed by her but, to their surprise, her talent simply couldn't be denied.

People should be embarrassed by this reaction, I think, perhaps those on the show's panel were a bit embarrassed. Other's in the media don't have the good sense to know when to be embarrassed so they keep going on and on about it.

(Sorry I wrote a book)

Jack said...

Comment away, JackieHammer. I'm loving it and reading intently.

You are right. Britain's Got Talent is looking for those who have been passed up by the scouts. Perhaps that show, in its own way, is fighting that outer beauty stereotype.

Jackie Melton said...

You're too kind. ;)