Sunday, April 26, 2009


The high school cousin is in a metal band (shown above). No surprise. Long time feeders of the FJ buffet have seen photos of the metal concerts the boy and I have gone too. Our first concert was to see Gwar at the Juke Joint near the square. He was 14. Since then we've been to OzzFest and RockFest (and there were others, too). It's been a hoot.

He's in a band now (Quest for Fire) and they play gigs in and around Missouri and Arkansas. Very cool I must say, especially for a senior in high school, but I've been unable to attend one heretofore because of school. Dang. I was hoping to see him in concert in Tulsa, but that fell through. It appears he will play at a weekend concert in Kansas City this summer. That one falls on my daughter's birthday, so I cannot go. Double dang. I can't catch a break to see him play.

Anyway, I'm listening to a metal album (Priestess) he gave me and I'm thinking of him and how he's grown into his own. He's still a kid, don't you know, but he's heading off to college next year and then who knows. He's good people and I adore him.


eh? said...

Quest for fire---years ago Robin Williams did a routine that had as a punch line, "Let's get really stoned and watch 'Quest for fire.'"

Those of you who have been stoned and watched quest for fire will appreciate the humor in that statement.

James said...

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