Thursday, April 09, 2009


There is hope for anger and hatred. If this man – a Baptist and KKK member who spent his life burning crosses, harassing African Americans and beating people of other races – can find love and change his ways at the age of 72 then there is hope for all humanity.

Sure, he is old and sick and dying. He is faced with his maker and his anger is now haunting him, but that is the beauty of love. It can repair a lifetime of hate and anger.

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Busplunge said...

Or you can be as hatefilled and mean as you want just as long as you repent in the end.

That's why I didn't like it when ex druggies would come to the classroom and talk to the students.

The message was you can do drugs and screw around until you get to be 24, then you clean up your act and you get to come and talk to 6th graders.