Saturday, April 18, 2009


The 6-pound Yorkie-Bichon hybrid took to the hunt on Saturday, capturing himself a young squirrel. We were not around at the time, but my grandmother delighted in telling the story. She was as proud as he.

Someone he managed to catch the fury rodent and killed it. He then devoured it, head first, chomping and knowing until all was gone even the bones. He buried what was left of the carcass, then came back a few minutes later to finish the job. Blood tastes good, apparently.

Grandma said he was quite pleased with himself, carrying the dead thing around the yard, head and tail dragging the ground behind him. He is only 6 pounds after all. Thankfully, she gave his whiskers a wipe-down before we came to pick him up. Dried, clotted blood is not too easy to clean.

Ah, the animal world is cruel but balanced. God save me if PETA gets wind of this story. I’m sure the natural state of things – the life cycle and all – will upset them greatly.

Thank your lucky stars I didn't post a picture. It's just like me to do something like that. Remember when I posted the picture of my gallbladder when I had it removed?

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