Friday, April 24, 2009


Long time customer of the Fat Jack buffet offered a simple solution to my weather dilemma. I prefer supporting local endeavors if possible, and so I continue to watch my local TV stations for news and especially weather. Unfortunately, none of them provide me the with the weather information that I need or desire.

Oh sure, they speak at length about ridges of high pressure and all kinds of other meteorological happenings. Unfortunately, none of that means anything to me. All of that extra information is irrelevant to me and merely bothersome. I have a wife and child who need breakfast, so I cannot sit patiently in the mornings, waiting and hoping for the information I need, if they even provide the information that I really need. What I need that is mentioned on TV is non-existent on the website.

My faithful reader offered me the perfect solution: AccuWeather. This site provides me with the exact information I need in the mornings. I need to know the temperature predictions and precipitation predictions hour-by-hour through the day so I know how my daughter should dress, and if I can ride the motorcycle. No one else provides that information.

That's okay, they don't have to. I only speak for myself. There may be hundreds or thousands of viewers who love to hear all the meteorological goings-on in the world, ridges of this and pressures of that. More power to them, but my needs are not being met ... until now. I don't even bother with the local TV online weather forecast anymore.

Now I know if it is supposed to be sunny at 8 am but rainy at 3 pm, and I can predict the temps at 1 pm or 3 pm. It's perfect.

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