Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I saw a 14-minute documentary today about clowns. White Face wasn't really about clowns; rather, it was a humourous metaphor for the discrimination of minority persons (ethnic, cultural, gender, religious, political, sexual orientation, or disability).

I was quite intrigued with how Brian McDonald took the issue of discrimination out of the black/white issue and brought the viewer a fresh perspective on how we treat people who look, act, feel or believe differently than "we" do (whoever that "we" might be.) I interpreted the "we" as all of humanity, as I believe categorization and discrimination a natural component of the human condition. It is the easy way and it is what homosapiens do. It takes work and will, brain power and commitment to act otherwise.

I highly recommend the short film, if for no other reason that to spark friendly discussion between yourself and your friends or family.

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