Sunday, April 05, 2009


This isn't her x-ray, but it is almost identical to hers.
Notice the dark line spiraling around the big bone (tibia).

We spent a nice four hours in the emergency room last night. The daughter went to a roller skating birthday party. A perfect sounding event for an 8-year-old kid. She was unsteady, it being her first time on roller skates, but before long she was making her way around the rink.

On the last song, the very last song, she fell. As near as we can tell, her right shin fell on top of her left skate, with her body crashing down on top. Some twisting occurred causing a spiral fracture. I don't react with too much concern with things like this. Get up, dust off, and walk it off is usually the best solution. Her crying was different this time. She touched one toe to the floor and I wondered. Luckily, the roller rink had a wheelchair so we took her to the car.

When I watched her swing her leg in, I knew something was wrong. By the time I pulled out of the parking lot I called the Mom and headed for the ER. Her cry was different. Good thing I didn't wait.

The tibia is in the correct position, so the ER put on a temporary cast and sent her home with pain meds. We call the bone doc on Monday.

She slept well through the night and is getting around well. Bless her heart. They say 4-6 weeks in a cast. At least it happened before summer.

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Jason said...

Poor kid. :(

Isn't it amazing how things like that always seem to happen at the end? Last song, last play, etc.