Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yep, I caught tonight's episode of American Idol. I'm a sucker, but I don't care. They picked the right guy to kick off and then the judges, to bolster drama I'm sure, saved him. The Justin Timberlake (who cares what his real name is?) look-alike, is not good enough. He's boring. Got a good voice, but he's lame in comparison with the trinity and merely an ant compared to Adam Lambert.

So next week we have two going home. It's disco. Good Lord! What shall Anoop (who I like but who isn't good enough to win) do with disco? It'll either be a home run or a strike out for him. I cannot wait to see what Lambert comes up with. Coolness and lots of falsetto, no doubt.


Is our economic plight a contributing factor to my sudden interest in AI? Am I a victim to the recession equivalent to beer-goggles?

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Newsy said...

Agreed, although my favorites are Alison and Kris. Adam is too "over the top" and "theatrical" for me. Considering I have a degree in speech/theatre education you think I would enjoy that... but I think that should be left on the big stage.