Monday, July 20, 2009


I put exactly 900 miles – house-to-hotel – on the motorcycle this weekend (Thursday-Sunday). It was a good time, but things are starting to change at the rally. It's not the same. Growing pains I guess. Still, we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves and the endless parade of bikes and whatnot. The other guys took lots of pictures but I went without the camera this year. I decided to just sit back and let the festivities happen before my eyes.

Once again the Christian Motorcycle Association was in full force, supplying cold water to all participants. They were especially kind to me and true to form, they never pushed a single piece of theology onto anyone, but gladly offered it to anyone seeking it out.

I'm tired today and even took a 2-hour nap this afternoon (after watching some episodes of the television show, HEROES). I also read some. I did manage to do a load of dishes, fix dinner and clean up afterwards. Such is my contribution to the household today. Not great, but I was really tired.

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