Sunday, July 12, 2009


The world is all a-flutter with environmental (cap-and-trade) debates, celebrity deaths, political sex scandals, gubernatorial resignations, and pool-side racism. Only two of those are really news worthy in my opinion. So why not have some fun?

Top Ten Surprises at Michael Jackson's Funeral
My favorites include:
  • Billie Jean sues for custody of the kids.
  • Macaulay Culkin flown at half mast.
  • A phalanx of zombies rise from the dead and dance.

Top Ten Harry Potter Porn Movie Titles
Again with my favs, but this time I won't quote them. I'll just give you the numbers and let you read them yourself. You know, porn and all, I'll keep it a bit more family friendly this go around. Numbers 9, 8, and 3 really do it for me.

Many thanks to the mayor of Top Ten-a-ville, Jason Rohrblogger, who constantly provides me with high-sterical fodder. What were your favorites?

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Jason Rohrblogger said...


I like the way you just listed your fave Harry Potter items by number to keep your family-friendly status. I appreciate your PG links to my R material.

Thank you for the endless traffic you send. You blow my stats like Lindsey Lohan's nose. Wait, that's not family-friendly. You swell my pageviews like SpongeBob's SquarePants. There's a simile the kids will like...