Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was the first time I went to the grocery store and did not use one single, solitary plastic grocery bag. Go environment! I've had the cloth bags for a long time now (months, actually) and I haven't used them for grocery shopping. I kept forgetting to put them in the van. Pitiful excuse isn't it?

I used my summer vacation to fold up all the cloth bags and put them into another cloth bag. Like it took any time at all. Eureka! Problem solved. It worked wonderfully. Now, if I can remember to put them back in the van before the next trip to the supermarket, I will be on a roll.

It felt good to be more globally aware. And as my good friend, Larry, over at Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind will remind everyone: Environmentalism is not just a liberal thing. Good conservatives care about the environment, too. You may remember that Larry the conservative was recycling before I ever got on board.

Today, this progressive took another step toward conservation and caring by getting rid of the need for petroleum-based grocery bags.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives on this issue isn't that liberals care and conservatives don't. It's just that some liberals feel that they should use the force of government to require people to do certain things about the environment.

Cap and Trade will be an economic disaster on this country if it passes. It's going to be very difficult to point fingers as to why our economy continues through the depression since there's so many new programs being created.

(I have curbside recycling and am very pleased with it)