Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dad and I – along with our friends and family – are leaving for the Little Sturgis motorcycle rally this week. The progeny and I spent the afternoon washing and waxing the bike in preparation for the ride.

This is a guy thing so the wives stay home while we pound the street and eat some bugs and dirt. Dad and I always look foward to finding that one piece of biker equipment that we didn't know we were looking for and the dirt drag races. Dudes sign up, hop on their bikes and drag race one another on the dirt track. It's a lot of fun to watch, but there is no way I'd ever get my award winner out there. Heck no! She's way too pretty to take the chance of wrecking. Although, I don't remember seeing anyone crash before. Still.

This will be the first year on my Harley. Always in the past I've been on a Honda, which was great, but it will be nice having more of a showpiece to ride in on. My bike gets lots of looks.

(Busplunge, JackeHammer and other smart-mouthed bloggers, don't even think about leaving any wisecracks about the size of my ... headlamp or saddle bags.)


Busplunge said...


I know you are a happy motorcyclist---

you got bugs on your teeth!

Have fun in Kentucky!!!

Jackie Melton said...