Friday, July 03, 2009


Gov. Nixon vetoed the motorcycle helmet repeal as cited in this News-Leader story. The reason cited was safety, specifically a study of Florida's motorcycle helmet repeal and the significant costs to taxpayers because of the repeal.

The release cited a national study that indicated the repeal of Florida's helmet law in 2002 caused medical costs for motorcycle riders with head injuries to double. The release further suggested that taxpayers wound up shouldering a "significant portion" of these increased costs, and said motorcycle fatalities in Florida "jumped sharply" after the repeal.

I surmise that Nixon chose the larger population's liberty (vast majority of taxpayers) as more important than a select few bikers who don't want to wear helmets because it is uncool.

It was the right move, but we weren't sure what Nixon would do. It's all over for now until the next legislative season when the Freedom of Road Riders try to do pass the legislation again.

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