Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Desdinova pointed me to a piece in our local paper regarding race. Sharon Lee Archer of Springfield laments the News-Leader's inability to find white faces to photograph. She's tired, you see, of all the Negros in the paper. She's not a fan of diversity, don't you know. Who here is willing to bet she is also a born again Christian? Just a guess.

That is one thing I really dislike about my annual motorcycle ride to Kentucky. Every year I see T-shirts and hear talk about the n-words doing this and the n-words doing that. It's constant and I am always a bit surprised at the ignorance. I always look forward to coming home and getting away from that. Then there's Ms. Archer. Me thinks she might look into joining crazy Fred Phelps' church of hate and discontent.

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Desdinova said...

Thanks for the shout out. I came across that after the Feedjit showed people Googling that name. Some people need to get a life.