Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The dog was almost out of food. I could have taken the van or better yet I could have taken the motorcycle. It was a nice day, I hadn't exercised yet so the daughter and I (and one of her neighborhood friends) followed in the footsteps of Carbon Trace and rode our bicycles. Andy, we even tried to follow the rules of the road, stopping at stop signs, not riding on sidewalks (much) and everything.

Took us 15 minutes to get to the pet store – just enough time for this fat guy to catch his breath. We bought our food, dawdled for just a second, then headed back. A 30-minute bike ride worked out quite nicely. The fat doctor will be pleased.

I'm working hard at this weight loss thing. Some days it kicks my butt and other days I teach that fat a thing or two.

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John Alexis said...

I like your blog and found it quite interesting it need lot's of patience and courage to do this this..