Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calling Up The Old Warrior Blood of D&D

Age of Winters

Gods of the Earth

My cousin introduced me to two CD’s the other day. We both enjoy metal although he is a much bigger fan – a rabid fan he could be called. The band is known as THE SWORD and they are, according to him, a meta-metal band. I’m not sure what that means, but the band sings a lot about orcs, aurochs, frost-giants, and the like. Click here for their My Space page.

Some of the metal bands in Europe have screeching falsetto lead singers. Oh, I hate that. Not THE SWORD. The men sound like men and one can actually discern the words.

Recently, the band was touring with and opened for Metallica. Surely you have heard of Metallica? That would have been cool to see.

As you can see, they are normal looking guys. No goat's blood or dead chickens. No painted faces. Just some cool metal rockers who love fantasy enough to sing about it.

One of my favorite songs is The Frost-Giant's Daughter. Here are the lyrics:

Iron ships on seas of blood
Black winds fill their silver sails
Iron swan rises high above
In crimson twilight through the earthly veil

Legions of vermin surround me
Malefic taint in their eyes
Madness gives sway to delusion
In defense of a fortress of lies

The iron swan floats amidst the reeds
It's shadow long upon the water
It gives a cry for what can never be
Which draws the eyes of Odin's daughters

Scion of storms, ageis of rime
I call on the powers of old
Unleash your vengeance to punish the crimes
Of those who I name as my foes

Click here for the lyrics to both albums.

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