Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yeah, I Watched the Olympic Games

I don't watch most sports: basketball, baseball, football, and especially that painful experience known as golf-on-tv. I'm weird that way I guess. I have, however, watched a great deal of the Olympics. There's something about the summer games that I find enthralling. Everything good about sports (not that there is much in our professional and amateur sports these days) seems intensified with the Olympics.

I do confess that I enjoy watching martial arts competitions when ESPN manages to show them. Anyone know why karate tournaments are sponsored by Paul Mitchel. I mean, what the hell? There's no hair care in Karate. I also dig Ultimate Fighting although I recognize that it is brutal and, shall we say, neolithic. I don't care. I love watching two dudes, hopped up on steroids and pain killers punch and kick each other bloody, and to the point of breaking bones or passing out, with nothing but six-ounce gloves on. It is the closest thing to a street fight and it is on TV.

And just so we are clear, Tae Kwon Do should not be an Olympic Sport. All-martial arts competition would be good (and fair) but TWD is a pansy, boo-hoo sport that cries about punches to the face and crotch shots. Big ass babies. A real sport would knock each other stupid. Really, who does jump-spinning-back-kicks in a street fight? Nobody. It's stupid.

Jason Rohrblogger has a top ten list of rejected summer games that seems apropos. My favorites are: Synchronized Bitching and Water Boarding.

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