Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too Tired for Multiple Posts; You'll Have to Live with This Complilation

  • John McCain beat Barack Obama in the faith-based forum tonight on MSNBC. The live event was from one of those big honking mega churches in California. It was a great forum. Obama went first, getting an hour with the pastor, one-on-one. McCain followed the next hour. If only the presidential debates could be held with such decorum, civility, and damn good questions.
  • Did you know that MAD Magazine (published by DC Comics) also has a MAD KIDS? If you are like my brother-in-law, then you grew up devouring anything comedic and smart ass. Not all kids like superheros; MAD KIDS provides that humor that some young ones need and want. If your kid loves parodies, comedy, or is in general a smarty-pants, consider MAD or MAD KIDS.
  • I don't give a flying flip about the hiring of Greg Burris, but one radio host and some bloggers cannot get enough of the story. I don't get it. In fact, I care so little that I shan't speak of it anymore. Four sentences is probably too much.
  • I got a new iPod Touch from a loved one. After several weeks, it is just as awesome as it was the first day.
  • If you see WALL-E, listen for the multiple Mac sounds.
  • Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday celebration. We are eating at the upscale hog trough, you know the one inside the big fishing hole.
  • Teenagers are a pain in the rump roast. I can't say any more except that I still love the naughty little buggers.
  • We are hosting an Obama House Party on Monday. More on that later.

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