Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Two Wheels

Blogging dynamo, Andy Cline of Rhetorica, has started another specific blog. This one is all about the healthy bicycle lifestyle. He makes us sick; he really does – skinny piece of crap. Go check out Isocrates.

We like the good doctor and see him often on campus. He's always smiling and eating soup. He engages his students in blogging and challenges them to think beyond the headline. We like that about him. Teachers who challenge their students excite us and make us proud to be a pre-service teacher. He also has a level head, which makes him a real asset to the blogtrough.

Andy bicycles everywhere. We see him at in center city at the Patton Alley Pub and then on the south side at Target. And he's always with the helmet. See what I mean about the level head?


Jason said...

Andy Cline is a good man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promo!


admin said...

The link is fixed.