Monday, August 25, 2008

Skedaddle On Out of Here, Little Girl

Last week the daughter and I went shopping for school supplies. She wanted (and needed0 a new bicycle. Her old one was entirely too small. Bless her heart, she was peddling with her knees to her chin.

So we told her that she could have a new bicycle, but she would have to pay for it. My daughter saves her money. She does not get an allowance, but she does get money from family members for birthday and Christmas. She used her money to buy a new purple mongoose with trick pegs and a purple helmet with pink and purple flames. I am so proud to see her engaging in responsible economics. The rest of the money was put back in her bank.

All my classes this semester are graduate level, which means they are night classes. So I have the day to do homework, research and work on my other projects. Yes, yes, and blog too. That is important.

Then it hit me: Why not ride our bicycles to school instead of taking the car? My bicycle is equipped with a basket and a back rack and she has a backpack. I got this morning, fixed breakfast, then strapped all her school supplies to my bicycle. She donned her backpack and off we went. It’s about a mile to school, give or take. She is not the most confident bicyclist, but she is getting better and has practiced a lot since she got the bigger bicycle.

I forgot my watch, so I don’t know how long it took us, but we had a great time. We rode on the sidewalk as Woodlawn is an oft used minor thoroughfare in that part of town. People drive fast on it and it can be dangerous for a wobbly bicycle driver.

She did great: happy and content, patient and cheery. We parked her bike in the school yard cycle rack, which was nearly full when I left. I taught her how to use a bike lock and then escorted her inside. It’s so exciting, the first day of school. Then I peddled home. Plan on doing the same, but in reverse, tonight when I pick her up. I doubt we can do that in the winter, at least not everyday, but we should do it while we can. It’s good exercise and daddy-daughter time.

Sorry I didn’t think to take a snap shot.

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