Saturday, May 23, 2009


Trekkies (or Trekkers as they are also called) are undoubtedly the greatest, and most rabid, fans in the world. When a woman called to serve on a jury goes dressed in her Trek regalia then you know we have hit the zenith of fandom. These folks had an entire movie dedicated to them; we watched TREKKIES this weekend. I have TREKKIES 2 on the Netflix queue.

It's not bad. In fact, I think this the decade of geek-chic where the costumed convention goers of all types are no longer fringe but mainstream (almost). I have geek pride and I celebrate my horn-rimmed brothers and sisters.

I don't consider myself a rabid fan of anything, but I do enjoy comics, sci-fi, fantasy, conventions and all kinds of nerdness. I tell you that it is okay.

So is the movie. My wife and I laughed, sometimes at the extremes the fans go to and some at me. I still have my vintage collection of He-man, G.I. Joe, and Transformer action figures as well as many of the Lord of the Rings toys. They cover the walls in my office and are stuffed in boxes in my garage. I love every single second of it. Why not? I have an original Masters of the Universe Castle Greyskull from the 1980s in its original box, unopened! It's one of my prized pieces.

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