Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I hope my dang fat doctor is happy enough. I was tempted to wrap my portabella mushroom in bacon but I figured that would defeat the purpose. Bacon counts as meat. I did call him and leave a message asking if it bacon-wrapped shroom caps counted as meat. Then I laughed and hung up. Wonder if he'll call me tomorrow? No matter. He's used to my sense of humor.

The wife and daughter had grilled chicken breast sandwiches while I had the mushroom cap burger. It had melted provolone (not much though). I had two caps between bread with some tomato, teaspoon of light mayo and teaspoon of brown mustard.

I baked the asparagus with a drizzle of olive oil, garlic and Mrs. Dash. The potatoes came from a box (I know) but they were good. I also added Mrs. Dash to the dish as well as two slices of American cheese. Too much cheese I'm sure, but I'm getting there. It was quite good and much healthier than going out.


majc forever said...

I love asparagus! My dad grows it and I just wash the dirt off and eat raw! Didn't baking it making it stringy?

BTW good for you for trying to eat healthier!!!

Jack said...


Before you cook asparagus, grab the middle and end of the stalk. Bend until it snaps. That is the place where the stalk turns stringy and nasty. You will always have perfect asparagus. Always. Grill, bake, whatever, it will be perfectumundo!

majc forever said...


I knew that about breaking it off but since I never cook it more than a slight steaming I just wondered what it did to it baking it.


Busplunge said...

Asparagus---rich folks celery

majc forever said...

Not if you grow your own ;-)