Saturday, May 02, 2009


A post for the Foodie

If you cannot tell from my name, I digs the food stuff. Our new blogging buddy over at The Springfield Foodie is calling upon all area bloggers to post about food. As they say in Texas Hold 'em, I am all in! Big Fat Jack surprise there, eh?

In my opinion ...

The Best Wings in Town
Coyote's Adobe Cafe has the rockingist, rollingist, kickingist wings in town. I've been all over this burg of springs and have found nothing that compares. They have 16 different sauces. Original Buffalo, Spicy Garlic, Twice Fried, Whiskey and Carribbean Jerk are among my top favorites. They also have many non hot varieties including: Rooster, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesian, Plain, Cashew (of course) and Dixie,to name a few. Locally owned and operated, these folks are great. The queso and salas is good, too.

Raspberry Butter Cake
This stuff from J. Parrino's Italian Cafe is baked heroine; I kid you not. It is rich and satisfying, not to mention fattening as all get out. Just so you know, I think their steak meals are really incredible. You wouldn't think steak from an Italian restaurant, but the nightly filet entrees are butter-cutting tender. Served with a side of pasta or asparagas (my choice) and a soup or salad and you are in heaven.

Chili Rellenos
I've had several dishes at Cierlito Lindo that were merely "meh", (and I almost quit going because of it) but the chili rellenos are absolutely to die for. They are not breaded like other varieties, but the flavor of the poblano pepper really shines through. Simple but delicious.

Cashew Chicken
I know that Mr. Yen's is a bit expensive, especially when you consider all the cheap hog troughs in the area. If you want the most authentic and flavorful cashew chicken in town, the only place to go is Mr. Yen's.

Healthy Pizza

Combine Imo's cracker-think crust with McSalty's wheat crust, and you have Wanna Get A Pizza. It is so thin that it is less filling, so be ready. Good flavor and less calories, it is a healthy (and very tasty) alternative. If you have fatty syndrome, such as myself, this is a great place to fulfill your pizza tooth and not feel guilty.

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