Saturday, May 02, 2009


There seem to be more germaphobes now than when I was younger, and I suspect that is leading our country down a new cultural path. With more and more pandemic scares (real or imagined, accurate or perceived) I predict that within 20 years the customary social handshake will be out. In fact, my experience leads me to believe that many people are becoming anti-touch (handshakes, shoulder taps, hugs, close encounters, etc) and that defensiveness is becoming common place and accepted.

It makes me sad because I suspect a casualty will be children. Studies have shown that children need physical touch in order to develop properly. If our society develops into a touch-defensive culture, then I think we may inadvertinently negatively affect our future generations.

The news is reporting that many graduations are foregoing the customary handshake with the principal/dean/president. We have the swine flu to thank for that.

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twodiddle said...

Yes ... the swine flu strikes again. If only there was some way to tie it all together into a political scare. Enter Joe Biden.