Sunday, May 03, 2009


So many conservatives continue to maintain that waterboarding is nothing more than a fraternity prank, an athletic rite of passage, harmless hazing. Hazing is illegal in most states and has lead to several deaths over the years. (That "boys will be boys" mentality really makes me mad.)

Anyway, Sean Hannity doesn't think much of waterboarding and has even offered to undergo it. This is where it gets funny. Keith Olbermann is calling Hannity on the carpet and neither Hannity or FOX News have any comment. Olbermann is offering to donate $1,000 for every second that Hannity can withstand waterboarding. The money will go to families of US troops.

Enough said.

Thanks to our very own Supervillian for the heads up.
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Busplunge said...

Here's a piece about the Hardy Boys waterboarding.

PS--thanks for listing your source.