Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The pretty boy with less talent won American Idol. That's okay. Kris won the hearts of many a mom who dreamed of her little girl bringing home a nice young man. Forget the fact that he can only sing one or two genres.

I don't think he expected to win. He managed a murmur amongst the music and fanfare: "Adam deserves it." Even Kris knows his talent takes a backseat to Adam. So be it. That is the game we play.

I will say, American Idol was a really entertaining show tonight. Cindi Lauper, KISS, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Queen, and Queen Latifah were among the acts tonight, which made for a great time.

They had their own Golden Idol award, which was a kind of Oscar spoof. I love it that American Idol doesn't take itself too seriously. They gave awards to the stinkers and pot stirrers of the bunch. Really funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

I think that Chris did appeal to young girls and moms. I think that played a role in his winning. I also think that something else that played a role was that Adam was allegedly gay. I think it is hard for the demographic of the show to vote for someone who is gay. Clay Aiken was obviously more talented than Rueben Studdard but Rueben wond and Clay took second place as well. I agree, Adam was way more talented. In the finale, Chris really embarrassed himself on that last song. And it even looked like he knew it.

News2K said...

Well, I am not a young girl nor am I a mom, but the simple questions I asked myself when voting was this: Whose cd would I want to own? Whose song would I sing along to on the radio? Those are categories Kris wins hands down.

Adam is the superior vocalist, but that isn't all the show is about. It is about creating a star. Adam has a bright future ahead of himself, don't get me wrong, but his musical style gets "old". I can only take so much of his singing in one dose.