Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am lamenting the discussion that used to take place in our local blogosphere. I'm not talking about the really heated posts, but the ones where folks would cuss and discuss then go right on being friends. No big deal. There used to be so much more chatter round these parts.

I am also dejected to see all the liberal bloggers leave. It seems so many of our interesting lefty bloggers have moved to the likes of Facebook, Twitter or, even worse, nothing at all. It is sad. We've had more and more conservative bloggers join the rangs (which is great) and at the same time an exodus of the liberals (not great). I think it is a matter of circumstances more than anything (at least that is my hope) but I think an area so steeped in conservative dogma might benefit from a more leftist viewpoint now and again. Keep everyone honest. (I laughed when I wrote that last line. I hope you conservatives chuckled, too.)


Jackie Melton said...

Jack said...

You crack me up, Jackie.

We can do better than that. I have been guilty of my share of overly-heated online squabbles. We can do better.

Jackie Melton said...

",long time passing."

Jeremy D. Young said...

I'm still here. There is no left, there is no right, there is only a spoon. Oh wait, there is no spoon either.

Oh well, I'm not worth much for discussion either apparently.

Jack said...


You are so funny. "there is only a spoon." Ha.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Did somebody say SPOON?

Jeremy D. Young said...
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Jeremy D. Young said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy D. Young said...

1) No Spoon for you!
2) (no soup neither)
Apologies if either of these disappear.... (search "there is no spoon" on first, and "seinfeld no soup for you" for the second)

Oh and blogger, PREVIEW FAIL.

Busplunge said...

Wait a minute!

I eat at KFC because I get the senior discount.

I also eat at Taco Bell because the food is so, how do you say it, Yum?

Which brings me to this utensil:

The Spork. You know half spoon, half fork.

Sometimes bloggers are a lot like sporks---