Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Twice last week we went to my favorite restaurant, Umi, to celebrate my graduation. Oddly enough The Springfield Foodie blogged about Umi, too.

I love food, don't you know, but Umi is at the top of my list. I cannot eat their often because lets face it. Who can afford to eat sushi on a regular basis? During my 3.5 year college ordeal, my little family and I have always gone to Umi to celebrate the passing of the semester. We haven't missed a beat.

On Saturday night we went to Umi with our group of friends. Four of us shared three huge plates of sushi while the others ordered off the regular menu. It was so much fun and the food is incredible. My favorite is the ninja roll. It has all kinds of junk in it including a Japanese hot sauce. Dang, it is wonderful. I also love the rolls that The Foodie talked about.

The atmosphere is a bit jazzy, intimate, and quiet. I never feel rushed and I can hear all 12 of the people in my party. I hate it when restaurants are so loud you can't converse.

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