Monday, May 18, 2009


Indeed, the STAR TREK future does begin again – a new series for a new generation and the old one as well (assuming one is not too rabid a fan).

This mixture of old and new is certainly a reboot of the original in order to bring STAR TREK to a new generation, which will also probably reinvigorate the old generation to the original. There is room for both at the proverbial inn.

No, these are not new characters. Shown above from left to right are: Chekov, Kirk, Scott (in the background), Bones, Sulu, and O'Hura. Nor are they caricatures of the original crew. Rather, this talented group of actors pay great homage to their predecessors, understanding those original characters and their mannerisms, then the newcomers make the role their own.

How do they play the old parts while still making it new and fit continuity? Well, they don't exactly. That is to say, there is a bit of time travel that occurs, which affects the destinies of every creature in the universe. The old history is not gone, but a new history is being forged due to the change in the space time continuum. A new history is unfolding now.

So really, both realities can exists for us. We can enjoy and devour the old universe while simultaneously making room for the new reality.

The story was solid, interesting, engaging, with just enough humor to let us breathe. The nods to the original story were hysterical, with several of us laughing out loud. Really a new future begins.

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