Friday, May 01, 2009


The third grader can't read the digital clock on the oven from 10 feet away. Oh dear, we think she caught the myopia from her pop. The wife got right on it and scheduled her for an eye appointment. Not that we needed to know whether or not she needed glasses. We knew she did. We just needed a Rx. The eye socket doc told us what we knew and she picked out the cutest rectangular plastic glasses. She looks adorable.

AT one time in our history needing braces or glasses was a near death sentence to youngsters, but that's not the case anymore. Both are stylish and accepted. She is not phased at all and I am glad. In fact, she looked forward to them.

I remember the first time I put on my eye glasses. I looked out the window and was stunned at the world I had missed. I could see ... leaves. I never knew I couldn't see them before. For the first time I saw the color distinction between the top and bottom of the leaves. Wow. I was with the daughter when we picked up her spectacles tonight. She had the same reaction, commenting that she could see the rivets in the FedEx van sitting out front.

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